When to Name Expert Witnesses in an Accident Case

Car accident lawyers fighting for injured victims have an uphill battle to climb in many respects. Public opinion has turned on victims in 2008 and judges and juries often assume when a car accident victim walks in the door that he/she is exaggerating their injuries.

So smart Maryland accident lawyers take the benefits that the system does provide for their clients. A big advantage plaintiffs’ lawyers have is that they are better able to dictate the pace of the progression of a case.

Some Maryland accident lawyers squander this great opportunity by failing to fully load the gun before firing it by filing a accident lawsuit. When filing a lawsuit, our accident lawyer serve the defendant with the Complaint, Interrogatories, Requests for Admission, Request for Production of Documents and Expert Designation. It is more work and requires you to be more proactive but helps you down the road – it is one more deadline you will need to meet down the road. In this regard, the road to legal malpractice is paved with lawyers who missed expert deadlines.

Still, make sure you put deadline to name experts on your discovery calendar and later check the designated experts to make sure you do not need additional experts for trial. Often, at the beginning of a case you will not believe you will require the testimony of an economist or a vocational rehabilitation expert, but you later find out that you do. Similarly, if your client is still suffering treating, you might need to name additional treating doctors.