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Punitive Damages in Accident Cases in Maryland

Maryland accident lawyers complain very little about not having punitive damages for accident lawsuits in Maryland. Why? I think it is just because we are so used to it, no one really imagines a punitive damages world. Yesterday, the Maryland Malpractice Lawyer Blog underscored the power of punitive damages in reporting on a South Carolina medical malpractice claim.

Today, LawyersUSA reports on a drowning accident verdict in Montgomery, Alabama. The jury found $766,000 in compensatory damages for the drowning death of a 19-year-old football player against an Alabama hotel. But the jury also awarded $3 million in punitive damages. The jury clearly wanted to send the hotel a message for what it obviously considered extreme negligence. It is unfortunate that Maryland juries are not afforded the same opportunity to send a message in accident cases in Maryland.