Hit and Run Wrongful Death Accident: What Is Proper Punishment?

Last week, I opined that you pretty much have to be drunk to face jail time after killing someone on the road. I saw a story today that reminded me that I left something out. An Indianapolis woman whose car struck and killed a police officer will certainly spend time in prison?

Right? Sort of. This woman in Indiana pled guilty to failure to stop after an accident resulting in death. She bolted to save herself. In a pathetic attempt to defend her, it is fair to point out that she saw that the victim was receiving assistance. Still, she ran.

So what is the sentence for this wrongful death? Four years on electronic home detention (assuming the judge accepts the terms of a plea agreement).

The woman is 62. I get that. Still. I’m no “lock them behind bars” preacher, but it still seems like there is a disconnect between killing someone and fleeing and being forced to watch Judge Judy all day.