Ear Injury Lawsuits: Verdicts and Case Values

What is the value of my ear injury lawsuit? That is a tough question to answer in the abstract because there are so many types of injuries. One common ear injury in auto accident is a burst eardrum caused by a care accident or a slip and fall that causes a direct blow to the side of the head can burst the eardrum. But the ear is a pretty complicated little tool and a lot of things can go wrong, particularly with the flying debris you get in a serious car accident and the damage that can be don just because of the pressure of the air bag explosion.

In medical malpractice cases, there are scores of error that can occur during car and treatment of the ear.

Taking all of this together, Jury Verdict Research has concluded that the median jury verdict for ear injuries is $50,000. JVR reported the same exact number in 2003. But in that study, 5% of ear injury cases resulted in verdicts over $5 million. The message: it is impossible to lump together all ear injures to guess at verdict ranges. The question of value of the ear injury case depends on the scope and extent of the ear injury.