What Is COMAR? Understand Maryland Regulations

Many people researching information on their accident claims in Maryland ask what COMAR is. COMAR is the Code of Maryland Regulations. COMAR regulations are Maryland state agency regulations. You can find all the COMAR regulations here.

What is COMAR?

What is COMAR and who writes these crazy regulations?   COMAR stands for Code of Maryland Regulations.  These regulations come from the executive branch of the Maryland government.  So they are the governor’s regulations as promulgated by administrative agencies.  How do they get the power to make what is essentially state law?  Like Congress, the Maryland Legislature delegates some rule-making authority to the executive branch (the governor).

The regulations contained in COMAR cover a wide range of topics, including education, health, environment, public safety, labor, and professional licensing. Each regulation is assigned a unique title and number with each title covering a specific subject area.

COMAR is regularly updated to reflect changes in state law or new policies and procedures established by Maryland state agencies. It is an important resource for lawyers, businesses, and individuals who need to understand and comply with the regulations that govern their activities in Maryland.

What COMAR Regulations Impact Our Law Practice?

Lien Reductions


(1) Except as provided in §§F(2)-(4) of this regulation, in satisfaction of the Department’s subrogation claim, the Department shall recover the lesser of:

(a) The full amount of past medical costs paid by the Program; or

(b) 50 percent of the judgment, award or settlement less attorney fees, litigation costs, and other deductions required by law.

Leased and Rented Car Insurance Coverage


A motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer that is rented or leased within the State shall provide, by the terms of its insurance policy, at least the minimum amount of security required under Transportation Article,§ 17-103, Annotated Code of Maryland, irrespective of the fact that the motor vehicle rented or leased may be registered or titled in a state or jurisdiction other than Maryland. (My note: So even if out-of-state tags.)

Balance Billing (Medical Assistance)


(9) Accept payment by the Program as payment in full for covered services rendered and make no additional charge to any person for covered services.

Getting a Death Certificate


(2) In the case of death or fetal death records, a direct and tangible interest shall be evidenced by a request from:

(a) Surviving relatives;

(b) An authorized representative;

(c) A person who is a beneficiary of the deceased;

(d) An individual who wishes to establish an estate in the name of the deceased;

How Do You Cite Maryland COMAR Regulations?

Lawyers use the Bluebook for citations. The correct Bluebook citation for a COMAR regulation would look like this: Md. Code Regs (2020).