Slip and Fall Settlements in Maryland

As we have written before, slip and fall cases in Maryland on snow and ice are going the way of the Betamax and the VHS. The Maryland Court of Appeals has so broadly set forth how it defines the assumption of the risk in slip and fall snow and ice cases that Maryland lawyers will have a tough time getting these cases past summary judgment.

Why, then, are slip and fall lawyers in Maryland constantly telling us that we are wrong and they got a settlement in a snow and ice slip and fall? There is no question you can still get a settlement for a snow and ice slip and fall case in Maryland if the injuries are serious. But our law firm does not take cases because we think we might be able to get a settlement. When we get into a case, our lawyers are in for the long haul. We will not make a demand, threaten to file suit, and then drop the case. If our lawyers did this, we think we would lose credibility in all of our other accident cases with the insurance company.

I know there are clients out there reading this blog post looking for information about slip and fall settlements in Maryland on snow and ice. If you are looking for a lawyer who will work to get you a settlement in your case, I think you will eventually find one and that lawyer may very well be able to get you a settlement, particularly if the adjuster is not familiar with the latest Maryland law on slip and fall snow and ice claims. But our law firm cannot help you with your case.