Queen Anne’s County Car Accident Verdict

There is an interesting case report in Metro Verdicts Monthly this week from a car accident lawsuit in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

Plaintiff was a dog groomer on her way to work when the Defendant took a left turn in front of her. Plaintiff contended that she suffered a torn rotator cuff, among other injuries to her neck, back, and shoulder. Defendant’s accident lawyers (USAA and State Farm) claimed Plaintiff was contributorily negligent because she was speeding. The insurance company lawyers also brought an orthopedic doctor to testify that the Plaintiff’s rotator cuff injury was more consistent with her work as a dog groomer than from the car accident.

The last demand from the Plaintiff’s accident lawyer was $65,000 and the last offer from USAA and State Farm was $55,000. You would think at this point, they would find some number in between and settle. But they didn’t. The Queen Anne’s County jury, however, did it for them, awarding a verdict of $57,912.

What I like best about Metro Verdicts is that they often put the last offer and the last demand in their case summary. It is amazing to me how often the jury verdict is fairly close to the midpoint of the last offer and the last verdict.