Can I Fire My Accident Lawyer?

We have heard some version of this story hundreds of times: client gets into an accident and hires a lawyer they either found in the yellow pages, on television, or from a “friend of a friend.” After some time passes, they realize that while their lawyer may be a nice person, the lawyer is not a seasoned accident lawyer who focuses their career on maximizing the amount of money the client recovers in an injury claim. The accident victim gets on the Internet, researches carefully who the best accident lawyers in Maryland are, and calls our law firm.

First, if you are unhappy with your accident lawyers, you can switch law firms at any time you want. Still, you need to consider whether on not you are better served staying with the lawyer you currently have. It may be that you are expecting too much and that your current accident lawyer is doing everything possible to further your case. We always suggest if you are thinking of firing your accident lawyer, but you are not sure whether you should, sit down with your current lawyer and see if they can resolve your questions to your satisfaction.