Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

If this blog is named Maryland Accident Lawyer, why are our lawyers talking about car accident cases in Atlanta? We are based in Maryland, not Atlanta. Our car accident cases will always be predominantly from Maryland. But we have a lawyer who is a member of the bar in Georgia and we are looking to expand our practice to be competitive nationally.

To be honest, our lawyers are not looking for soft tissue injury car accident cases in Atlanta. If you call with one of those, we are most likely going to refer you to a local Atlanta car accident lawyer who is qualified to handle your claim.

We are looking to get involved with clients who have extremely serious injuries from a car accident in the Atlanta area. Actually, we are looking at the entire state of Georgia, but certainly, the bulk of the serious injury cases will come from the greater Atlanta area, which also has jury pools more conducive to large jury verdicts. We handled birth injury cases not just in Georgia but in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Towards this end in Atlanta, we have started an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer page on our website summarizing car accident law in Georgia. I think it is informative and I think it is the most comprehensive summary of the law as it relates not only to auto accident cases in Atlanta but to malpractice and products liability claims in Georgia—cases that we will also be putting on our radar screen.