Anne Arundel County Charging for Ambulance Rides If You Have Insurance

Are you a local municipality looking to make a few extra bucks in this economy? Anne Arundel County has the answer: Starting next month, Anne Arundel County will reportedly start charging $500 for emergency ambulance rides. Anne Arundel County officials note that county residents will not be personally responsible for any of the fee. Instead, the county will try to get the injured or sick person’s insurance to foot the bill. The county will not seek collection from uninsured people using these emergency services in Anne Arundel County.

The folks running the show in Annapolis are understandably pressed for cash these days. But how is Blue Cross going to feel when they find out they are paying a bill that is not being charged to people without insurance? What happens when the insurance companies get wise and deny payment?

Again, local municipalities like Anne Arundel County need to increase taxes or decrease services to survive. But trying to raise money by indirectly taxing health insurance companies I really do not think is the best answer.