We Need More Women Drivers

women driversWhen a couple goes out to dinner or whatever, who drives? Even among progressive people, the man usually drives.

This is probably a bad idea. Here’s why according to accident statistics (source – Google statistics that seem legit):

  • Men are 77 percent more likely than women to die in a car accident. Before you say anything, this is based on miles driven. So it builds in the math, the fact that men drive more often.
  • And while the study found that the highway death rate was higher for an 82-year-old woman, she is less likely to have an accident on the road than a 17-year-old boy
  • Women are 50 percent less likely to get a DWI
  • Women are 10 percent less likely to get a moving violation
  • Men get in 25 percent more accidents while looking at themselves in the rear view or shade mirrors

I only made up the last one. The bottom line is in driving down the road separated by a double yellow line, I’d breathe a little easier if I knew that driver was a woman.