State Farm Claim Denial of the Day

My client breaks his wrist in an accident. At-fault driver flees the scene. The police report makes all of this clear. So we bring an uninsured motorist claim.

This is the email I get from one of my paralegals:

John from State Farm called re: [client]…. Driver Elrod had said there was “no contact.” State Farm will send denial letter.

Of course, there was contact and property damage to go with it (not that contact is required, anyway, under Maryland uninsured motorist law if the negligence causes an accident). In fact, most of the property damage to the vehicle was from the collision with the at-fault driver.

Thankfully, there are pictures of all of this. But it is incredible to me that State Farm, in an uninsured motorist case, is willing to rely upon the word of a guy who flees the scene of a car accident.

You can see a depiction of the accident scene here.