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Packaging Clients Together in Demand Package: Be Careful to Get Full Value and to Avoid Conflicts

It cannot be said enough that you will not get maximum value for each of your clients if they are discussed as a package deal, even if they are family members, friends or even spouses. Each time you have a discussion with an adjuster regarding a particular “accident”, you should be very careful to conclude discussion of one client before starting to talk about another. The adjuster will want to lump them together, pitting one against the other. She will say derogatory things about one claimant, and then state her feelings that the other one is even worse. (She also will have in the back of her mind a joint ‘figure’ she wants to offer for these claims.) Make sure you clearly end discussion of one client before starting to discuss another. “All right now, moving onto Client B.” Make sure you do not compare and contrast the injuries or lost wages of the two. Each client deserves your independent negotiation and attention. Pay careful attention if the adjuster has an inability to discuss the clients separately. Make note of this and, if necessary, make separate telephone calls for each client or even have separate lawyers in your firm make the calls on behalf of each client (but be sure to keep in touch with each other on the status of the negotiations). You may also want to settle one claim completely before tackling another.