OnStar and Accident Cases

I heard a radio advertisement this morning for OnStar’s vehicle security service. Specifically, the advertisement was for the service in Chevy vehicles, but many GM vehicles have the service available (for an additional cost), as well. The advertisement was all about the Automatic Crash Response feature and how it could “help save your life” in an accident.

We all know the OnStar representatives will tell the police where you are and whether or not there is airbag deployment. But did you know OnStar also provides the police with the maximum velocity at impact; the direction of impact; whether or not there were multiple impacts; and/or vehicle rollover. Fantastic, right? From the perspective of an accident lawyer? I just wonder if OnStar always gets this stuff correct. How reliable is the technology?

Is this a reason not to get OnStar? Of course not. OnStar could save your life in an accident. Safety is more important than potentially screwing up a personal injury auto accident case.