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Maryland Police Are Serious Now: Buckle Up

Wear your seat belt. I know we have said this before. Now it is “on the real”, as Smash Williams would say. Maryland police have now gotten the memo that wearing your seat belt is a law. Police across Maryland are upping the ante on enforcement of seat belt laws with its new “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

We are not doing an awful job in Maryland. Approximately 93% of us are wearing seat belts. We are 9th in the nation, according to the CDC. Who is lagging? Women, older drivers, and Hispanics are doing just great. But we struggle mightily with young men and anyone in a pickup truck.

What is Maryland’s seat belt law? The driver, front-seat passenger, and all other people in the vehicle under age 16 must wear seat belts. Children younger than 8 years old, less than 4 feet 9 inches tall and less than 65 pounds, must ride in a child safety seat.

There are insignificant penalties for your first offense. But the purpose of this campaign is really not to give out more tickets. It is to increase awareness. If you are in that 7%, get aware.