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Maryland Accident Lawyer Practice Tip: Talking to Clients About the Value of Their Case

Maryland accident lawyers should not be discussing the value of the client’s accident claim in the accident lawyer’s first conversation with the client. Why? Because no accident lawyer knows the value of any accident claim until they review the medical records. This is true in 99.99% of the cases. A lawyer cannot even begin to estimate the value of the claim until they evaluate all the facts. The facts in an accident case are not in until the bills, reports, and other documents are received and evaluated.

Accident lawyers are often told never to ask your client’s opinion of value. I appreciate the point, but there can be a benefit to it because you can compare the client’s view with your own with an eye toward managing client expectations. If you see the case value very differently than the client, you need to have a frank discussion about the merits of the case, the damages that may be claimed, and any pertinent legal issues.