Getting Around to Car Recall Repairs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now auditing car rental companies to make sure they are completing repairs on cars that have been recalled before renting or leasing them.

The car recall problem is twofold: car companies making defective cars and then the failure to solve the problem by fixing the car after the recall has been made. Consumers are the worst on this: they get a recall notice and toss it into the trash. When that happens, it is on you if your car becomes involved in a serious accident. The recall was out there. Get the car fixed.

The feds are looking at a more curable problem. Car rentals and leases where the recalls are never repaired. The government thinks that car companies have been aware of incidents involving personal injury or death caused by failure to conform to the applicable federal safety rules.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this investigation. My prediction from reading this article: lots of fines for everyone.