Fatal Accident in Harford County

The Baltimore Sun had an awful story yesterday about a man who fled the scene of one accident, was caught by police and then killed a mother and her eight-year-old child just a 90 minutes later in Harford County.

The Baltimore Sun quoted experts who questioned the decision not to arrest the suspect after the first hit and run. What I found very impressive was the parents/grandparents’ response to the concerns that the Harford County police should have done more. The father/grandfather of the victims told the Baltimore Sun he didn’t blame police for not arresting the suspect after the first accident. “Of course I’m upset, but I don’t hold anything against our police officers.” His wife added, “”His earlier accident in the day is not the accident that took our daughter and grandson’s life. We have faith in law enforcement and if they’re OK with letting him go back on the road, it’s not the cause of the second accident.”

Understandably at times, people often respond to a tragedy by blaming everyone in sight. I’m so impressed this family chose a different course.