Crash Victim’s Family Opposes Proposed License Renewal Change

The family of a promising young man, who was killed while riding his bike by an elderly driver, is opposing a bill that would allow drivers to hold a license for eight years, instead of the current five year renewal requirement.

Sad story here. The driver, an 83 year old woman, was attempting to make a right turn, and turned into the path of the bike rider.

The mother of the deceased is lobbying to keep legislators from increasing the span that drivers can go before renewing their licenses, and has said that eight years is too long for people over 40 to hold a driver’s license without some kind of regular testing. She has stated that the law is going in the wrong direction, and that it is not going to make our roads safer.

Eight years may be a bit excessive of a time frame when you are considering an 83 year old, but a 40 year old? Speaking for myself, and I’m over 40, I can’t see that a decrease in the current five year requirement is the answer either.

Of note, the driver involved in this accident was able to keep her license, and kept driving for several months after the accident.