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Cash Cab: Distracted Driving Kills. Period.

The game show “Cash Cab” is a cute game show. I used to watch it back when I watched “Blind Date.” The show’s premise revolves around the driver playing a quiz show host to his passengers. By definition, that guy is a distracted driver.

CNN now reports that the “Cash Cab” struck and killed an elderly pedestrian in Vancouver. (Apparently, the show has a Canadian version.) The driver, a producer of the show, was returning the car to a storage facility after filming finished for the day when he hit the 61-year-old who died at a local hospital from the injuries suffered in the car/pedestrian accident.

I guess more details about this accidental death will come out. It sounds like my narrative may be false: it might not have been during filming when you would think the driver would be most distracted. But, ultimately, doesn’t “Cash Cab” have an “oh, when we were so young and na├»ve” vibe to it? Now we know with greater lucidity in the cell phone/text messaging era that distracted driving kills. “Cash Cab” really should change to a safer premise – the driver of the cash cab is just the driver – or they should kill the show.