Barron Hilton DWI Verdict

Barron Hilton got hit with a $4.9 million verdict after he hit a gas station attendant while he was driving drunk.

The news media identifies Barron Hilton as “the brother of Paris Hilton.” Crazy, right? His great grandfather builds an empire to the point where everyone knows the name Hilton, yet he is identified as “Paris’ brother.”

Anyway, Barron did something he shouldn’t do, namely get drunk and hurt someone really bad. His blood-alcohol level registered .14%. He was 18 at the time. You deserve a pass for almost anything at 18. But someone is permanently disabled because he went out and got wasted. So senseless. His driver couldn’t take him home?

Not mentioned: how much insurance coverage there was. Obviously, there are assets behind the claim, but I wonder if the insurance company tendered the limits. Even the ultra-rich rarely have car insurance policies that exceed $2 million.