Average New York Accident Claim

What is the difference between a New York accident lawyer and a Maryland accident lawyer? The answer: day and night. A new Jury Verdict Research report found that the average personal injury verdict in New York is $2,932,602. The median award is $300.000. Putting this into context, the median personal injury accident verdict in Maryland is approximately $13,000 (as little as $11,000 for car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases).

Putting this in context, a New York accident case is not worth more than 15 times the value of the same car accident in Maryland. Under New York’s threshold rule, cases that do not involve permanent injuries rarely make it to the courthouse steps. (See John Hochfelder blog post). This leads to less personal injury lawsuits in New York for smaller accident cases – of which there are many in Maryland that go to trial – which increases the overall award in New York because whiplash type cases are not figured into the math.

But, even with that caveat, the difference in the verdict is still striking.