Attribution Bias

A tow truck driver was struck and killed this morning by a hit-and-run driver on Route 100 in Glen Burnie during rush hour. He got killed near where I work. He lives in the same town I do.

Certainly, there is a desire for all of us to sigh a bit of relief and say, “Okay, I would not be helping a sewage truck on the side of the road. That couldn’t have been me.” But have you ever been pulled over on the side of the road? Of course you have. This could have happened to you, me, or any one of us.

The next step is to find creative ways to blame the victim. Why was he so close to the road? Shouldn’t he have seen it coming? We all have this attribution bias, to varying extents. When you peel that away, what you have is a poor guy who was probably trying to feed his family and while doing so died for no good reason.

Just awful.