Accident Lawyer Nuts and Bolts Websites

Throughout the day, our law firm might access a hundred websites. The internet has become an absolute necessity to the daily workings of a law office that is hitting on all cylendars. Here are just a few useful links to push the ball forward on Maryland accident cases:

  • Zip Codes – Have an address with no zip code? No problem, enter your address here and you are provided with the zip code you need.
  • County Look Up – Don’t know what county your accident happened in? Once again, no problem, enter the zip and you are provided with the County.
  • Online Video Search Site – This site searches over 100 video sites on the Internet. You can find a video of almost any surgical procedure imaginable on this site.
  • National Freedom of Information Coalition – Offers resources if you are doing a FOIA request, as well as gives you samples.
  • Resident Agent Information – With this link, you have access to every state’s website for obtaining corporation resident agent information.
  • Doctor Search – This is an excellent physician locator service, with links to most states. It also gives you licensing information as well as whether they have had any disciplinary action against them.